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Quality Inn Balcony
Oceanside concrete balcony deterioration in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida.


Restoration Consulting

Restoration, preservation, repair, strengthening and adaptive reuse all share the common theme of working with existing structures. This work is a unique application that brings its challenges beginning with understanding the conditions of existing structures and working with unique materials manufactured decades ago. As specialists in this industry, we have a vast network of resources and a wealth of knowledge that we bring to our projects.

Industry research has found that 50% of concrete repairs fail within 5 years. Material selection and surface preparation have been identified to be leading causes of this unacceptable failure rate. We understand the nine concrete surface profiles that have been established by the industry as well as the 12 most common methods of creating them and we apply this information into each of our projects in an effort to ensure structurally sound repairs.

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